Regeln Program

Was created to restore the Galactic Codex

The idea was born in the need of revolution of social media and its connection to our everyday life. Regeln meant to aid the distance between our cyberspace and physical world with sharing information and usage of 7 basic universal laws. The goal is to help young people and adults to create, change and transform their value systems and behaviours according to universal laws that govern our life.

It can be practiced by different ages, from a very early age (usually when young people start to use the internet, age 9-10) to older age when old people start to learn about the internet of things.

7 x 2 + 1 Module/ 7 x 2 + 1 Modul/ 7 x 2 + 1 Formula


Virtues are gained by practising and applying the universal laws. Virtues show how much inner light we hold that can manifest our realities.

The basic 7 universal laws with their corresponding colours, 2 practices, game ideas plus extra virtues.

The Law Cause and Effect – Red
The Law of Attraction – Orange
The Law of Structure – Yellow
The Law of Polarity – Green
The Law of Transformation – Indigo
The Law of Vibration – Blue
The Law of Transcende – Violet

the Law Cause and Effect

The Law Cause and Effect is the well-known basic universal principle which says every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause. It’s also mentioned in ancient, sacred textbooks as Karma. Its related colour is red.

Level 1 (Children)

White: Poke Game Poke each other in real or virtual life! If you play this game alone, poke yourself!

Level 2 (Adults)

Black: Continue …

In real life, say a sentence to your friend who says it further to the next person what he has heard from what you have said. In virtual life say something to Google/Siri to search and read it loud in front of everyone. Others have to repeat what they have heard from Google/Siri. If you play alone you don’t have to read it out loud. It’s enough to try to repeat what you have read/heard from Google/Siri and record it. After recording your voice, compare your recording to Google/Siri search results!

Virtue: Humility

Applying the law of cause and effect we become humble.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction or in another name The Law of Correspondence refers to correlation between micro and macrocosmos. Every intention and thoughtform manifest into events in the physical plane. As above so below, as below so above. Its related colour is orange.

Level 1 (Children)

White: Think of something that others have to find out! They can ask only direct questions to find out what you have thought.

Level 2 (Adults)

Black: Activity Game Think of something (phrase) that others have to find out! You can only act/pantomime to describe what you have thought of.

Virtue: Discipline/Conservation

Applying the law of attraction we become disciplined.

The Law of Structure

The Law of Structure is the container of all things that creates all things simultaneously by impacting all things at an energetic level (pre-matter and physical matter). The Law applies to all that have a form; organisations, websites, houses, businesses, etc. Its related colour is yellow.

Level 1 (Children)

White: Line up in order of height/age!

Level 2 (Adults)

Black: Line up in order of age/rank!

Virtue: Generosity

Applying the law of structure we become generous.

The Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity says everything is dual. All manifested things have two sides, two aspects and two poles but essentially all opposites are one.

Level 1 (Children)

White: Hot or Cold Game  “One person looks around and chooses an object to be the mystery object, then gives the other players directions in temperature words.”

Level 2 (Adults)

Black: List feminine and masculine things on a paper in a minute! Whoever has the most wins the game.

Virtue: Kindness

Applying the law of polarity we become kind.

The Law of Transformation

The Law of Transformation means nothing really dies but rather transforms. Just as the conversation of energy says:”Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another.”

Level 1 (Children)

White: Hold your breath! Whoever can hold his breath the longest wins the game.

Level 2 (Adults)

 Black: Feel something negative and name it! Your partner has to help you till the negative feeling transfers/transforms into a positive one!

Virtue: Patience

Applying the law of transformation we become patient.

The Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration is referring to the fact that everything is conscious energy. Everything is in constant motion, nothing rests.

Level 1 (Children)

White: Keep eye contact without blinking, closing your eyes! Whoever can hold the longest wins the game.

Level 2 (Adults)

Black: Keep quiet! Whoever stays silent the longest wins the game.

Virtue: Purity

Applying the law of vibration we become pure.

The Law of Transcendence

The Law of Transcendence means not only everything is conscious energy but divine. There is a spirit that lives in everything. When we connect with the divine source of all things we get closer to ourselves and others who are around us naturally.

Level 1 (Children)

White: Knock Down Game. “The object of the game is to knock down all the opponents’ cones before they do the same to your cones.” You can also play this game online.

Level 2 (Adults)

Black: Connect to each other, hug each other! (Virtual is possible also, in your mind’s eye imagine you hug your partner or yourself if you play alone.)

Virtue: Diligence

Applying the law of transcendence we become diligent.

The corresponding virtues of universal laws are interchangable.

Games are just suggestions.