Master Christos Events

Welcome to our Ascension Community where you can learn about yourself on multiple levels of existence with the support of Master Christos Collective including our very selves.

Who is Master Christos Collective? A group of guardians from outside of dimensionalization. They are known as Ascended Masters.

How does it work?

We hold online events on different portal days where we work together on ourselves in various ways (Shadow Work, Light Language, Channelling, Breathwork, etc.) and topics (DNA Healing & Activation, Tantra, Relationships, Self-Liberation, etc.)

Our Mission

We co-created a support system for people to remember who they truly are and what they are capable of as multidimensional beings. We desire to see your highest timeline manifested.


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Under the online event via email. For more information visit our social media sites!

Side note: Our events are English speaking, one-time events.

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"I met Tamai 4 years ago. I felt some kind of attraction or DÉJÀ VU immediately. I've started stalking her on social media. At some point she started sharing weird and at the same time interesting things that drew more of my attention to her. I was always an underachiever in my whole life while I was misled from my true LIFE PURPOSE. I arrived at a crossroad where I felt my life was miserable and I wanted to CHANGE it for the better. I was living an unhealthy life with addictions and toxic relationships. The physical symptoms were there and quickly manifested in different diseases, illnesses such as autoimmune disease, circumcision and depression. Till I decided to RESTART again. I visited a local therapist. She told me that I have access to ANCIENT ATLANTEAN KNOWLEDGE, AKASHIC RECORDS and that I have a dominant SERAPHIM heritage. That was the moment when I wanted to know more about Tamai’s work. I knew that she was a Starseed so I thought she could assist in my healing and self-actualization. I practised meditation for months then I suddenly had a gut feeling to contact her. I got powerful GUIDANCE from her. She and HomoLuminous also provided me with a lovely community (Master Christos Events) where I truly felt seen, appreciated and supported. We had several powerful online gatherings at Master Christos Events where she with Homoluminous shared TRANSMISSIONS and deep insights into MULTIDIMENSIONALITY. I didn't have to second guess but it was in the back of my mind that she had already known about my Alien Abduction. After the 1st Event of Master Christos Events, 3 dots in the form of a triangular shape appeared on the left side of my neck. Tamai made a special offer for me to help me to recover from Military Abduction with the assistance of HomoLuminous. It turned out that both of us; Tamai and I had the same alien device in the left side of our neck. This way I was used as a portal for remote viewing of off planet beings. She blasted out the aliens from my lightbody. She came calm and had no mercy on the Negative Aliens. I also got my wings back. Guys, she can truly give you wings not like red bull! After our session I felt lighter and I could enjoy my wings again. They're pretty cool actually! They are huge but I can fit in small doors and I can lay on my back without a problem. Now I'm looking forward to the FUTURE with FAITH and I'm ready to fulfil my DIVINE DESTINY."