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Light Language Art is here to assist people on Ascension with its unique frequencies and encoded messages. Each light code and symbol holds a different information of higher/multidimensional realities and selves that activates naturally by simply looking at it.

The next collection is a co-creation of higher selves between Inês Smile (Ee-Nah-ii) and myself.

These frequency artworks aren’t intended to substitute any medical or professional assistance. They are designed to assist with heart intent to assist each in stepping into its own sovereignty as divine empowered beings that each and all are.


Oversoul & Soul Frequency Mandala ✨

• Master Christ Consciousness
• Golden, Magenta, Violet, Ruby Ray Frequencies
• Pleiadian, Antares, Venusian, Sirian Frequencies
• Double Diamond Rainbow Body Energies (sensed as Sound in Sound, Layer in Layer by me.)
• Sanat Kumara Ascended Master Energy: Anchoring Threefold Flame, Save the Earth in her Dark Hours, Guru of Seed of Christ, Opening of the Seventh Seal, Building Shambala, Protecting the Vortex of Jerusalem, Karttikeya the Cave within 💙💎 Heart.


I’m another you.

“Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting; The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star, Hath had elsewhere its setting and cometh from afar; Not in entire forgetfulness, And not in utter nakedness, But trailing clouds of glory do we come from God, who is our home…”

Om Ah Tu
Su Ti Ni Ah
Oh Ti Ahm

© Starseed Mission CodeX
© Inês Smile (Ee-Nah-ii)


Frequency LL Template ✨


• Soul Rescuing Mission Activations
• Amplify the Frequency of Original Blueprint
• Arcturian Frequency

Additional Message/Information

• Orion Mintaka-Vega-Betelgeuse-Omega Orionis, 4:4:1 Gateway
• Rescuing all possible Lost Souls/Fallen Beings from all war timelines & beyond via Guardian and Aurora Host.

LL Template was downloaded specially for Fallen Angelics, Fallen Dragons according to Pleiades and Sirian Agreement.

Supported by Sirian-Arcturian Coalition (for Interplanetary Defense), Andromedan Healing Matrix & Aurora with the 144k Diamond Master Key Codes known as Ascended Masters, Master Christos Collective.

Co-created with Arcturians, Sirians, Paliadorians, Master Beings, Star Sister Ee-Nah-ii via *Shamanagrah* Oversoul Sequence.

© Starseed Mission CodeX
© Inês Smile (Ee-Nah-ii)


Frequency Template ✨
(Hand drawn plus digital art)

Information/Frequencies via Inês

• Sirius and Pleiades Data
• Arcturus ‘Technology’ (Frequency Templating)
• Sovereignty Frequency
• Transmitted through Aurora Field
• It is intended to assist in liberation of all Souls that choose so
• Divine Empowerment of Eternal Essence ✨

Information via *”Shamanagrah”* Oversoul

Supportive Energies

• Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms, Flame/Code Keepers
Aurora, Urantia, First Root Race, Founders, Guardians
• Lyrians, Andromedans, Pleiades, Sirians, Arcturians
• Cetaceans, Whales, Dolphins, Plasma Beings

Additional Information by Bianka/Shamanagrah
✨ Higher ID Activation Transmission for Future Self Stability ✨

Dear Beloved Ones,

This Activation Transmission was made for the 144k Avatars & all those who CHOOSE to ascend together with Soul Families, Stellar Nations; the CREATION itself. This Gateway Template helps to stabilise Future Timelines. (Alternative 3D, 5D, 7D & Beyond)

The LL Activation Transmission & LL Template support the Dimensional Shift that is taking place right now.

A big mass shift is happening in November in Divine Preparation of 2020 & more to come. With 12D Shield & Ray Cosmic Human Angels reclaim their origin & their co-creator properties back.

GA Msgs through Shamanagrah (Oversoul)

Only the NOW moment is the time to be who you originally are: Gods/Goddesses, Sovereign & Free. The Soul is limitless, shameless & clear. You’re HERE because of you and for you.
You were CHOSEN & you CHOSE to be.
All is divinely designed.

Be the one who you originally are!

With much Love and Gratitude, from our Hearts to each and all,
Bianka (GA Tamai)/Shamanagrah & I.Smile (Ee-Nah-ii)/Sha-ra-Nah


© Starseed Mission CodeX
© Inês Smile (Ee-Nah-ii)


Frequency Mandala ✨

Frequencies/Information (received/sensed by Inês & Bianka):

• Arcturian/Sirian Intra/Interdimensional Light Spektra for Auric Healing & Empowerment, Amplifies 12D Shield.
• Blue Flame Data, Aurora Frequencies & 12D Platinum White Light Ray for Sophianic Body Restoration, Hieros Gamos Union, EM Balance with 12 Frequency Hubs (Aurora Gateway symbolised in the Center) to support Indigo/Crystalline Souls Next Evolution Level.
• Downloaded via Antares 7D Galactic Akashic Records/Light Library.
• 12 Stranded DNA & Cellular Memory Activation

Recalibration of 12D Chakras vibrating at the colour White:
Om Sa Tu Ya Lam Yah Na Si Oh Su Tuianah Siohnee 💫

The Mandala reminds us to remember our Original Soul Mission/BluePrint. It activates cellular memories of 12 Stranded DNA. It helps to REUNITE beyond the beyond (in no time & space, in all 15 dimensions). As well, as above so below. PURE CONSCIOUSNESS, in ONE Blue Diamond HeArt. It assists in Hieros Gamos Union within us & between us as we’re embodying our Divine Diamond Original Cells (Selves) as Gods/Godesses, Free & Sovereign Eternal Light of Creation. It’s working in synergy with all as it is in the now moment.

To all, in Love and Gratitude,
I.Smile (Ee-Nah-ii) & Bianka (Shamanagrah)

© Starseed Mission CodeX
© Inês Smile (Ee-Nah-ii)


Frequency Template
Sponsored by the Dearest Soul Bianka as a gift to you all 💗🙏

• Sirius, Lemurian and Hathors
• Removing Artificial Programming within the Twin Flame Templating
• Ignition of Amoraea Flame

Additional Information by Shamanagrah (Oversoul):
Dear Beloved Ones,

As you shift as ONE, more of you can feel the real meaning of true love; your original Soul essence beyond the beyond.

You started understanding by observing what it means to be all that it is and discerning better the energies. You know where you stand, you know who you are and it’s the miracle of the 144,000. Congratulations!

The quantum shift that you make as COLLECTIVE can cause a cognitive dissonance at this time on Ascension. Many of you were coming here this lifetime to COMPLETE your Spiritual Evolutionary CYCLES and ascend back to your original Soul Families in the next Harmonic Universe. It is all about to express the TRUTH of all that it is and as it is.

During Time Bifurcation some of you are able to live in full alignment with your true nature and higher purpose meanwhile many other Souls can’t. You are able to observe this separation without confusion and still stay on your ground and ascending timeline. Not all of you walk on the same path but all paths lead to the same place. Imagine this like a tree with many different branches and one root. In the end all paths lead us back to home, GOD.

Now you can have a better understanding of who you are on a multidimensional level.


You may have more awareness around False Twinning which is part of the Negative Alien Agendas. These False Twin Flames Programs will drop you back into a lower frequency bandwidth, into the perception of separation (Bi-Wave Consciousness). You can reconnect to your higher-, monadic selves (7D-9D) with clearing out the false programming. You can choose happiness, joy and love at any time and anywhere. Knowing that all is connected, all is one helps you to bring your original divine purpose back which is you to be who you originally are: Gods/Goddesses, Sovereign & Free.

There is nothing to do, undo, prove or save. So what is next?
Love and smile, you’re whole!

LL Template and LL Transmission support the Monadic Integration, Hieros Gamos Union, 12D Shield Activation, Higher Heart & Stargate Awareness, Guardian Consciousness in the name of Law of One.

Template represents the 8:7 time portal and the sacred number sequence of 177.

Where now 1 refers to 4D Egypt (Sphinx)
through 7D Gaian Preparation of 8:8 Lion Gate for Planetary Shift according to the New Time Cycle.

7:7 refers to Central Sun (Alycone) – Aurora Family – 7 Sisters – 7 Seals – Seven Sacred Planets – 7 Higher Realms – 7 Suns & Hieros Gamos & 11 refers to the Inner Stargate (11th) where the Higher Dimensional Solar Infusion started to ride over the False Twin Flame Programming as a preparation of 8:8 Lion Gate Opening. New beginnings are here!

177 number alternatives are representing the DIVINE ORDER of higher realms and the JUSTICE of all, all that it is such as the original threefold flame within us of all.

Thank you. We love you. We’re ONE.

© Starseed Mission CodeX
© Inês Smile (Ee-Nah-ii)